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Amber Bright

Amber started as a self-taught pole dancer in 2009 to get fit, build her self-confidence, and bring more self-love into her life. She later received her certification to teach pole through XPERT teacher training in 2010, became the owner of Apple Jelly Studios in 2012, and received her 200hr YTT (Yoga certification) in 2022 Through High Vibration Living.

She has performed in multiple showcases, judged professional pole competitions, and trained with some of the best pole athletes and performers in the world. Her passion is making her students feel sexy and confident while building strength they never thought was possible. Amber has also successfully trained multiple students and instructors from her studio to become pole competition winners.

Click the link below to read more about Amber & Apple Jelly Studios.

Vivant Boujee

In 2015, Vivant and a friend went to a pole class to try something new. She immediately fell in love! She bought a pole that summer and hasn't looked back since. She received her Xpert pole fitness certification in January 2023 

Over the years pole has helped Vivant build confidence, strength, and poise. Vivant came to realize that she really enjoyed helping others achieve their pole goals and get just as much pleasure teaching as she does practicing.


She likes to think of herself as supportive, caring and just the right amount of pushy. Vivant is a two time winner at Pole Sport Organization (PSO) Nationals Level 3 Championship Division 2021 & 2022.



Disarray has 500+ in-studio hours, has competed and placed 2nd in the Dance Filthy USA Amateur Division, and is co-creator and co-producer of Original Sin Show alongside Amber Bright. She received her Xpert Pole fitness certification in January 2023  .

She can be found adorned in all black, whipping herself around the metal stick, and throwing power tricks to heavy metal.

Focused on pushing the limits of where your body and mind can take you?


Disarray can assist in taking you there.


Rainn Riot

Rainn Riot started her pole dancing journey at Apple Jelly Studios in February of 2021. She has a background in jazz, contemporary, and East Coast swing dancing, and loves to incorporate these styles in her pole choreography and freestyle moves. She received her Xpert pole fitness certification in January 2023. 


Besides her home studio showcase, Rainn has competed in Dance Filthy 2021, Original Sin 2022, and Pole Sport Nationals 2022.


As much as she loves developing her own style and choreography, she gets more joy from teaching others and watching them discover how to express themselves through dance!

Nicole Stephens

Nicole began practicing yoga in the early 2000s as a young classical dancer, using yoga for cross training and flexibility. These days she also promotes yoga as a moving meditation and tool for a healthy, balanced life. Her favorite styles of yoga are yin and kundalini. 

She has her 200 hour YTT certificate from Uplifted Yoga and is currently pursuing her 300 hour YTT with Frik-Shuhn Yoga and Coaching. Nicole has her bachelor's degree in nutrition and food science with a minor in dance from Montclair State University. She has experience teaching yoga, ballet, tap, jazz and modern dance.

Nicole is passionate about the healing powers of yoga and believes that a dedicated practice can increase self- love, confidence and overall well- being. Nicole’s objective is to encourage her students to prioritize joyful movement and inspire them to listen to and honor their bodies!

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