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Amber started as a self taught pole dancer in 2009 to get fit , build her self confidence, and to bring more self love into her life. She later received her certification to teach pole through x-pert teacher training in 2010 and became owner of Apple Jelly Studios in 2012. She has performed in multiple showcases , Judged professional pole competitions , and trained with some of the best pole athletes / performers in the world. Her passion is making her students feel sexy and confident while building strength they never thought was possible.Amber has also successfully trained multiple students and instructors from her studio to become pole competition winners. click the link below to read more about amber & Apple Jelly Studios .

Amber Bright


Vivant Boujee

In 2015 a friend and I went to a pole class to try something new. I immediately fell in love ! I bought a pole that summer and haven't looked back since. Over the years pole has helped me build confidence , strength and poise. I came to realized that I really enjoyed helping others achieve their pole goals and get just as much pleasure teaching as I do practicing . I like to think of myself as supportive, caring and just the right amount of pushy. Vivant recently won second place at the 2021 Pole .Sport .Organization Nations level 3  championships division . 


Leah M.

Leah started pole dancing in October 2020 and completed her 200 hour RYT yoga certification in December 2021. Teaching yoga was a natural progression for her after consistently practicing and reaping the benefits of yoga. She started pole dancing after a long curiosity and an invite to a class from her friend. Once she came to Apple Jelly Studios the rest was history. With a focus on body awareness , mobility ,flexibility , and yoga anatomy , She intends to share what she has learned over the years to help her students grow and meet their pole goals.