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Classes We offer 

Below Is a list of the classes we offer and The different levels to help guide you on your pole journey ! - Please check the MINDBODY app for the most up to date classes.

Beginner Classes : LEVEL 1 

Intro to pole – For brand new students: Learn terminology and a short routine that includes basic transitions, floorwork , and spins.
Beginner climbs spins and tricks - Learn how to climb the pole and beginner level tricks / spins that can be done low to the ground and practiced without having to remember choreography
Flexibility – Start getting more flexible and improving mobility
Floor tricks breakdown -  a once a month class where we spend more time teaching you moves that are often used in our floorography  class without the choreography element.
Pole Conditioning -  a bootcamp style workout both on and off the pole as a cross training
Floorography – A choreography based class where you will learn a routine done entirely on the floor without using the pole
Heel Work -  learn the fundamentals of how to use the front edge of heels for sliding and stability . This is a great class if you’re new to wearing pole heels
Stiletto Sirens - This is a static pole choreography based beginner class where you will learn a routine with slightly more intricate transitions, floorwork , and spin combos while wearing heels .
Turn up the base – This is a spin pole choreography based class where you will learn a slinky sexy style routine on the spin pole setting and in heels.
Chair dance – in this class you will learn a short choreography routine using a chair

Advanced Classes Level 3


Advanced tricks  – This class is for those who have a solid invert and are ready to try upper level tricks and combos


High Flyer  - This is a choreography class designed for advanced students to learn a routine that combines inverted tricks higher up the pole with flow low to the ground   

Intermediate Classes : Level 2

Spin Pole combos – Start Learning how to put together 3 or more spinning pole tricks together as a combo.


Get Inverted - Learn the fundamentals of how to invert properly , basic inverted tricks , and core building exercises.  


 RX  -  Learn the fast paced intense Russian exotic style choreography


Flying (Aerial) Pole -  in this class you will take your current pole fitness experience and learn to apply that to an aerial pole . You will also learn the key differences between aerial and standard pole 

Yoga Classes


Deep Bends - Go deeper into your flexibility journey with assisted stretches focusing on backbends & splits .

Ashtanga Modified 1/2 primary Series (Progressive) -This 60 min. Class will guide you through the Ashtanga modified 1/2 primary yoga sequence . Please bring a yoga mat & blocks .


What Our Clients Say

Private lessons 

In addition to our group classes we also offer private lessons , Please call or email us for more information.