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Pole Dancer

Classes We offer 

Below Is a list of the classes we offer and The different levels to help guide you on your wellness journey! - Please check the MINDBODY app for the most up-to-date classes.

Beginner Classes: LEVEL 1 

Intro to pole – START HERE! For brand new students: Learn the terminology and a short routine that includes basic transitions, floorwork, and spins.
Beginner climbs spins and tricks - Learn how to climb the pole and beginner-level tricks/spins that can be done low to the ground and practiced without having to remember choreography
Flexibility – Start getting more flexible and improving your mobility

Floorography – A choreography-based class where you will learn a routine done entirely on the floor without using the pole
Low Flow  - This is a choreography-based beginner class where you will learn a routine with slightly more intricate transitions, floorwork , and pole moves that are focused on staying low to the ground.


Freestylings:  Develop & practice your signature style with our help!  The first part of the class you will drill a focused skill and then in the second half of the class you will freestyle dance to an emotional theme of the day 

Chair dance – in this class you will learn a short choreography routine using a chair

Advanced Classes Level 3


Advanced tricks  – This class is for those who have a solid invert and are ready to try upper level tricks and combos


High Flyer  - This is a choreography class designed for advanced students to learn a routine that combines inverted tricks higher up the pole with flow low to the ground   

Flying Pole- Take your pole skills aerial ! a flying pole is mounted via an aerial rigging system that allows the pole to hang from the ceiling . 

Intermediate Classes : Level 2

Spin Pole combos – Start Learning how to put together 3 or more spinning pole tricks together as a combo.


Get Inverted - Learn the fundamentals of how to invert properly , basic inverted tricks , and core building exercises.  

Metal Musings -  Level up your training through a combination of sultry choreo , power spins , and dynamic combos while rocking out to the best Metal songs!


 Hardstyle -  Learn the fast paced intense fast paced choreography that includes kips, drops , grip changes and more.


Flying (Aerial) Pole -  in this class you will take your current pole fitness experience and learn to apply that to an aerial pole . You will also learn the key differences between aerial and standard pole 

Yoga Classes


Deep Bends - Go deeper into your flexibility journey with assisted stretches focusing on backbends & splits .

Ashtanga Modified 1/2 primary Series (Progressive) -This 60 min. Class will guide you through the Ashtanga modified 1/2 primary yoga sequence . Please bring a yoga mat & blocks .


Yoga for flexibility - A vinyasa style yoga flow designed specifically with the goal of gaining flexibility .  

Chill Yin Yoga - Slow deep stretches and meditative breathing to release stress while promoting increased flexibility and healing. 

What Our Clients Say

Private lessons 

In addition to our group classes we also offer private lessons , Please call or email us for more information. 

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